Ir. Kamarul Ariffin Amminudin is a visiting consultant with Bayubali Engineering Sdn Bhd. He earned his PhD from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, Manchester, UK in the field of Process Integration – a specialized field of chemical engineering focusing on energy and process optimization. He is a UK Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineer (IChemE) in the UK. He is also a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineer (AIChE) and a certified Energy Management System ISO 50001 Auditor. His areas of expertise are process integration studies (pinch and mathematical programming) for energy and water minimization and data analytics.

He is currently an energy consultant with Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia providing technical expertise related to energy efficiency and process optimization in upstream oil operations. He led various energy saving initiatives from implementing best practices to technology deployment and helped his department to earn the ISO 50001 certification. Through his leadership, his team has achieved a consistent energy performance improvement for 6 years in a row that renders his team to receive the prestigious company energy award in 2018 recently. In addition, he led the team to earn the US Frost&Sullivan manufacturing leadership award in 2015, and Emirates Energy Award in 2017. Previously he was with Petronas where he has been involved in various energy initiatives for both the refineries and gas plants. He has published extensively in the reputed trade journals; namely, Oil&Gas Journal and Hydrocarbon Processing sharing success stories of the energy efficiency achievements. To his credits, he currently holds 2 US patents, and two granted patents from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States together with two US patents pending.