Mr. K. Ravindran (ASNT ID NO: 141151) is an extremely well experienced NDT level III with certifications in 11 methods including UT, RT, MT, PT, VT, ET, IR, LT,AE , NR & VA. He has an overall experience of 25 years in inspection field of castings, forgings, pressure vessels (Designing, fabrication inspection) and pipe lines inspection. He is familiar in Destructive and Non-destructive inspection technique, as applicable to Welds, castings, forgings etc as well as inspection of raw materials with relevant specifications. He is thoroughly familiar with all the relevant applicable Codes and Standards for Non-destructive Testing and well versed in the documentation procedures. Mr. Ravindran also has the AWS CWI (AWS – CWI Cert No 05071771) certification. He is thoroughly proficient in all welding techniques, procedures and WPQ verification and certification for all kinds of welding like SAW, SMAW, FCAW,GTAW, PAW etc for all positions Including 5G & 6G also.

He has have ten years experience in conducting training courses and classes all most in all methods of NDT for LEVEL I & LEVEL II & LEVEL III, welding technology and casting and foundry technology. He is a post Graduate in physics, Post Graduate Diploma in Radiation Protection by Bombay University BARC (INDIA). He also have the following API’s certifications such as; API 510 (Cert. No: 31918), API 653 (Cert. No: 32744), API 570 (Cert No: 33311), API 571 (Cert No: 20990), API 580 (Cert No: 35869) and API 577 (Cert No: 35861).