Course Description


16 hours (Two (2) days)



  • New engineers, team leaders/coordinators, operation engineers, maintenance team leaders, engineers, operations team leaders, inspection, senior operations and maintenance personnel.
  • New technician, operation technician, operation team leader/coordinator, maintenance and inspection technicians.



Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Plant, Renewal Energy Plant, Co-Generation Plant, Palm Oil Mills and Refineries, Plywood Industries, Hotels and all industries that using steam for heating and mechanical driven.



This course can be certified for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program by the Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM).



The objectives of the course are to give the participants an understanding for the works related to steam boilers such as boiler safety, legislation and regulations, commissioning of new boilers, operation, trouble-shooting, inspection, maintenance and repairs.



At the end of the course, the delegates will be able to: –

  • Describe key parameters affecting boiler performance and efficiency.
  • Describe the principles of thermodynamics of steam boiler and steam systems.
  • Describe the uses of steam in process plant and power generation sector.
  • Operate the steam boilers and steam systems with the safe conditions.
  • Describe the boiler commissioning, operations, trouble-shooting and maintenance processes.
  • To establish a level of theoretical and practical knowledge in order to operate steam boiler’s efficiently.
  • To up-grade the knowledge and skills of the personnel’s handling and operate the steam boilers and steam system safely.



An Introduction to Steam Boilers

  • Steam Process Definitions
  • Steam Process Classifications
  • Basic Steam Process
  • Heat Transfer in Steam Boiler System
  • Steam Boilers Performance and Efficiency
  • Steam Boiler Circulations
  • Types of Steam Boilers


Steam Boilers Mountings and its Main Components

  • Steam Boiler Mountings
    • Objective of Installations
  • Steam Boiler Main Components


Steam Boiler Operations & Troubleshooting

  • Fundamental Operational Responsibilities
  • Introduction to Steam Boiler Operations
  • Carry-Over
  • Steam Temperature Controls
  • Basic Boiler Controls
  • Deaerator Control Systems
  • Steam Header Control Systems
  • Boiler Storages
  • Commissioning Activities
  • Steam Traps


Combustion Fundamentals

  • Introduction of Combustion
  • Basic of Combustion
  • Theoretical Air Requirement
  • Heat of Combustion
  • Types of Combustion
  • Excess Air Requirements
  • Relation Between Excess O2, & CO and Combustion Efficiency
  • Products of Combustion
  • Flue Gas Analysis
  • General Considerations Regarding Safety
  • Fire-side Corrosion


Boiler Water Treatment Systems

  • Water Purification
    • Clarification Process
    • Filtration Water Unit
    • Softening (Ion Exchange)
    • Demineralised Water Systems
    • Reverse Osmosis
  • Boiler Water Treatment
    • Objectives of Boiler Water Treatment
    • Boiler Water Quality Standards
    • Setting Boiler Water Quality Standards
    • Boiler Water Treatment (External and Internal)
    • Problems Encountered in Steam Boilers
    • Causes of Problems in Steam Boilers
    • Potentials of Problem in Boiler Water


Steam Boiler Maintenance

  • Maintenance Objectives
  • Safety Checklist for Inspection
  • Steam Boiler Inspection
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Maintenance Checks


Steam Boiler Failures

  • Types of Failures
  • Causes of Failures
  • Prevention from Failures